Sourced from Nature

From natural plant medicine to crystals and beyond, we share with you the most potent and effective products sourced from nature.

The Ringing Cedars Story

Ringing Cedars Inc. was founded by 2 crazy kids with big dreams in the Spring of 2018.

Matt Siemens and Caroline Stewart were toiling away in their creative workshops, seeking a way to bring together their desire for connection with the earth and their wish to be of service in a bigger way.  And thus, Ringing Cedars was born.

Ringing Cedars believes in the importance of living in harmony with the natural world. All that we do and all that we offer is rooted in the desire to honor the natural gifts shared with us from the earth.

Inspiration from Nature

Our inspiration for the name Ringing Cedars comes from a collection of books based on the real life experience of Anastasia and the author Vladimir Megre in the Russian Taiga.  Anastasia taught Vladimir how to live in complete harmony with the natural world and revealed the incredible potential of human consciousness when allowed to flourish in this way.  Our company name Ringing Cedars Inc. is an homage to Anastasia's teachings and how we also wish to live in harmony with the natural world.

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